“Piedmont Opera’s production benefited tremendously from the participation of Tennessee-born soprano Amy Maples, a youthfully comely Gilda who met every technical challenge unflinchingly, mostly offered sufficient power when required, and from her first appearance commanded observers’ sympathy with acting that made even stock gestures actions of emotional meaning…Maples’s performance of Gilda’s E-major aria ‘Caro nome che il mio cor festi primo palpitar’ was an intimate reverie that she distinguished with sparkling trills and crystalline top Bs. Having produced a beautiful top D♯ in the aria’s cadenza, she preferred Verdi’s written ending to a gaudy top E, her expertly-sustained trill proving more memorable than any interpolated high note might have been.” –Voix des Arts, Gilda in Rigoletto, Piedmont Opera 2015


“Maples’ strong mid-range made her leaps into gorgeous coloratura heights all the more surprising and thrilling.” -Alan Sherrod for, Yum-Yum in Mikado, Ohio Light Opera 2012


“Mitzi, played by soprano Amy Maples, may look like a pink porcelain doll, but her brilliant, electric voice is anything but fragile.” -The Daily RecordMitzi in Blossom Time, Ohio Light Opera 2012


“Soprano Amy Maples sent her voice soaring in flights of coloratura fancy with absolute assurance and accuracy” – Cool Cleveland, Mabel in Pirates of Penzance, Ohio Light Opera 2011


“A star vehicle needs a star, and Ohio Light Opera has one in Amy Maples. Maples’s soprano is supple and rich, her pitch true, her dictation and comic timing spot-on. She manages to assay her three characters, Irma, Fedor and Musette, with such vividness that the listener never has a doubt as to which character she is portraying at a given time.” – Todd B Sollis for Opera News, Irma/Musette in The Fortune Teller, Ohio Light Opera 2012